Erlinda Ashbrook – “Great Read”

“Amazing true story. This is one I will read over and over. It is raw, gritty, full of the ups and downs of life and how one young man had the faith, drive and determination to rise above not only his ego but the tragedy of his past and ones own circumstances. I found myself cheering, crying, hopeful and wanting to know more more about this talented new author and can’t wait for his next book.”

TK – “Sensational”

“Must read! This book reminds you that no matter your situation, environment, starting point you too can overcome and triumph in life. This author was open and raw in conveying his story to the reader. The book was funny, touching, and inspirational. Can’t wait until he releases another one.”

Mike Wood – “Inspiring, motivational, and achievable!”

Trials to Triumph is an awe inspiring story that is true to its title. Freddie’s roller coaster story of highs and lows throughout his life could have ended at either end of the spectrum. Freddie chose a righteous path that leads him to the happiness and success that he enjoys today. Anyone can learn from Freddie’s story on how faith, determination and a growth mindset can lead you to the same happiness.”

Ashley Stewart – “Remarkable!!!”

“Awesome book and story. Authors ability to be vulnerable really let’s you be apart of the story. Being from the same area makes it very understandable and relatable. Thank you Freddie for allowing me to be a part of your story.”

Colton – “***MUST READ*** You better be ready to be inspired!!!”

“This an an absolutely incredibly inspiring book. From the first page, I did not put it down until I read the last page. Every story and circumstance talked about in this book motivated me to go out and be the best I can be every day. There are those “motivational and inspirational” books, but there is nothing like this. This one comes from the authors heart and tugs at the readers. The authenticity is real and it clearly shows throughout the book. An absolute MUST READ!!!”

Happy Amazon Customer – “Vulnerability…Motivation…Inspiration…Triumph”

“I found myself unable to put the book down once I started reading it!! What I LOVED the most was that he didn’t shy away from talking about his lows (along with the highs) and his ability to move forward and make something positive out of his experience. He talked about growing up playing high school football, the decision making process that led him to play for Florida State University, and ultimately the NFL. He highlights the affects of environment, when you are famous and when your not and who the constants are in a persons life. The perspective he has and how he triumphs is valuable and inspiring. His willingness to be vulnerable and honest about his life are very brave. I have already lent this book out to friends and family!”

April – “More than a sports journey, it’s a journey in life.”

“For someone who knows the Stevenson family personally and followed Freddie’s career, I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about his life and decided to buy Trials to Triumph. Knowing it wasn’t an easy upbringing I wanted to have a better understanding of the everyday life and struggles individuals like Freddie experience when to the outside world everything seems rosy. Some of the stories in the book I was familiar with and others came as a complete surprise. I have nothing but respect for this young man to lay it all out on the line not only in football but in life and letting the reader have a glimpse into his struggles. As in most cases, faith can lead you through most of life’s toughest times and I hope the Stevenson family continues down a path that will be an example to others. Buy this book. You won’t be disappointed.”

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